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Marine QA Superintendent

Job Requisition No.:  14984
Category:  Shore-Based
Reporting structure

Reports To:

Chief SHEQ Officer

Direct Reportees:


Job Summary and Purpose

Ensure that Marine quality standards, current practices and procedures meet or exceed the requirements of the customer, the company and the flag state. And monitor Fleet practices to ensure that they continue to comply with the ISM Code and applicable standards adopted by the Company. 
As well as conduct internal audits onboard and ashore to verify that statutory and Company requirements are met, and identify areas of improvement. 
The incumbent is also responsible to review trends in the Fleet and industry with regards to Safety and Environmental Management, and Initiate updates of the Management System whenever necessary. As well as to review Fleet Management of Change documentation to ensure Fleet Safety Management System standards are maintained or enhanced, and conduct audits to Joint Ventures to assess current practices and update risk profile, in addition to acting as custodian of the Companies Emergency Response Plan.


Key Accountabilities:

Incident Investigation:
1.    Lead Fleet incident investigation to determine Direct and root causes in order to prevent recurrence as directed by Chief SHEQ Officer.
2.    Participate in Fleet Incident Investigations as requested by Fleet Division or directed by Chief SHEQ Officer.
3.    Review and Monitor Fleet Incident investigations to verify that the incident has been thoroughly investigated, the company process has been complied with, findings are accurate and appropriately closed out.

Marine Quality Assurance:
4.    Monitor fleet safety performance and practices and address any deviations from the established Safety        Management System with the Fleet management team.
5.    Remain abreast of new regulations, practices and developments in the shipping industry and initiate steps to update company SMS in coordination with Fleet HSSE section, so that SMS remains up to date with latest shipping developments and maintains high SHEQ standards on board company vessels.   
6.    Conduct internal audits onboard and ashore to verify that vessels continue to comply with company safety standards, and operations are in accordance with the Company’s Management System and regulatory standards.
7.    Conducts TMSA audits to Joint Venture Companies to verify that practices meet QGTC expectations, identify areas of improvement and update risk profile.
8.    Develop Marine QA scorecard and keep Fleet Management updated with status, and emerging issues impacting Marine QA matters. 
9.    Identify training needs and conduct training courses for personnel onboard, if necessary, and ashore based on review and analysis of Marine QA issues and emerging industry requirements.
10.    Review and participate in the Fleet Management of Change (MOC) process through review of proposals, prior being submitted to the MOC board. 
11.    Guide Fleet management and the MOC review board for any newly introduced risks and/ or deviation from the process to ensure that company SHEQ standards are maintained.
12.    Based on vessels past performance, industry best practices and trends, identify, develop and conduct, in conjunction with Fleet management, Safety Campaigns for onboard personnel to raise safety awareness and standards.
13.    Review material prepared by Fleet Division on Safety Campaigns and provide input/ advice, prior being communicated to the vessels.
14.    Identify areas for improvement within the Safety Management System, provide recommendations and initiate actions necessary to update the SMS.
15.    Spread awareness about SHEQ amongst the employees and ensure that there is complete involvement of all employees in SHEQ related activities.

Accountabilities - 2

Emergency Response Procedures:
16.    Develop, maintain and update the Emergency Response Plan for the company, to ensure it remains effective for the company to effectively deal with emergencies.
17.    Plan, organize Communication Drills with Joint Venture Companies, in coordination with JVs department.
18.    Plan, coordinate and participate in full mobilization exercises with Joint Venture companies of their managed vessels. 
19.    Act as a custodian for the Company’s Emergency Response Plan.
20.    Monitor Fleet Management compliance with requirements of the Nakilat emergency Response plan.
21.    Update Emergency Response plan from lessons learned from ER Exercises and actual incidents.  

Risk Management:

22.    Monitor particular or emerging risks, maintain link between the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework and the department.
23.    Provide training and support to departmental staff for aligning with the ERP framework.
24.    Monitor department risk performance on a regular basis and intervene when goals are not being met.
25.    Prepare periodic progress reports on achievement/ progress of risk treatment plans and changes in departmental risk profile.
26.    Maintain departmental risk profile and incorporate processes in Company’s policies and procedures based on the identified on the preventive/ mitigating measures.

Generic Accountabilities:

Quality, Health, Safety, & Environment (QHSE):
27.    Adhere to all relevant QHSE policies, procedures, instructions and controls so that NAKILAT provides a safe, world class, secure and environmentally responsible service to customers, the public and its own people.

Policies, Systems, Processes & Procedures:
28.    Implement approved divisional policies, processes and procedures.

29.    Carry out any other duties as directed by the immediate supervisor.

Accountabilities - 3
Business Process Analysis - Practitioner
Collaboration & Team Work - Advanced
Customer Centricity - Advanced
Drive Vision - Advanced
Emergency Response - Specialist
Empower & Nurture Talent - Advanced
Environmental Risk Management - Specialist
Health Management - Specialist
Incident Management - Specialist
Interactive Communication - Advanced
Quality Management - Specialist
Safety Management - Specialist
Achievement Oriented - Advanced
Solution Oriented - Advanced
Key Result Areas

•    Ensure SMS is updated in line with best practices and industry developments
•    Company SHEQ Standards maintained and Enhanced in the SMS 
•    Departmental Risks identified and effectively monitored and controlled.
•    Incidents are investigated thoroughly and lessons learned implemented
•    High level of Fleet compliance with company Safety Management system.

Interactions and Working Relations

•    Work closely with other members of the SHEQ, Fleet Management and Joint Venture Divisions
•    Update and follow-up with fleet Division on Marie QA Matters, closure of non-conformances, reviews, audits and incidents
•    Liaise with terminal operators and Ras Laffan Port Authorities 
•    Shipping Industry organizations such as Sigtto, OCIMF, ITOSF  
•    Interaction with the joint venture companies
•    Interaction with Flag State and Classification Organizations for certification and SHEQ related issues

Financial Authorities

Not Applicable

Qualifications, Experience and Job Skills

•    Bachelor’s degree in Marine Engineering or an equivalent degree related to the Maritime/Shipping Industry OR
•    Class 1 Certificate of Competency and experience as Master or Chief Engineer on internationally-trading tankers or gas carriers
•    6-8 years’ experience is a relevant Quality, Health, Safety and Environment function including at least 4 years’ in a similar position within the oil and gas shipping industry OR
•    At least two years’ experience as Marine Quality Assurance Superintendent or in an equivalent off-shore based management position in a role related to the Maritime industry
Job Specific Skills:
•    Fully conversant with the international, Flag State, industry and company requirements that are related to ship management and certification
•    Good understanding of emergency response procedures and practices
•    Experience of working in a role wherein support had to be provided to the company DPA will be preferred
•    Should have knowledge of the role of the Company Security Officer
•    Experience of working with Environmental Management Systems
•    Experience of conducting internal and external audits such as ISO, ISPS, TMSA and SHEQ etc.

Marine QA Superintendent

Department:  SHEQ