Competence Development Programs

All Nationals in Nakilat have a Competence Development Program (CDP) designed specifically to meet their current and future development needs. These programs underpin our extensive succession planning process where we design and execute plans to progress Nationals into more senior key positions at the appropriate stage in their development cycle. These plans address technical, behavioural and leadership competencies resulting in a structured and holistic development approach to career planning and management. 

In addition, aligned to the National Continuous Education Program, Nakilat or affiliates may nominate current National employees who have successfully completed their General Secondary Schooling and meet the necessary requirements, to pursue undergraduate degrees in local universities fully supported by Nakilat. Our Student Sponsorship Program (SSP) aims to encourage and support current promising Qatari National General Secondary School graduates to pursue undergraduate qualifications in various disciplines essential to Nakilat’s business, leading to enrolment in our National Development Program.

The Nakilat Difference

We don’t just offer a job, we offer an opportunity to grow your career. Join our team of passionate individuals onshore or at sea.