Seagoing careers

Seagoing careers

With two decades of experience in LNG and LPG shipping, transporting clean energy is at the very core of what we do. We are always on the lookout for passionate, dedicated and experienced seafarers to join our growing fleet as we journey towards creating a sustainable future.

As the world’s leading transporter of clean energy, we offer you the opportunity to sail the seven seas aboard our modern, technologically advanced LNG and LPG carriers. Our fleet complies with the highest safety, quality, environmental and health standards, offering a safe and conducive work environment for all.

  • Rashed Al-Kubaisi, Chief Officer


    "I am proud to work for Nakilat, one of the world's largest LNG fleet owners, a company which considers the safety of its crews, ships and the environment as a top priority. As a national, I consider myself a part of Qatar National Vision 2030 in developing and expanding the outreach of gas supply to the world."

  • Abhishek, Second Engineer


    "I feel proud to work for a world-class company such as Nakilat, which prioritizes  safety, security and comfort of all of us working onboard a ship!"

  • Capt. Rishiraj Dogra , Master


    “The company provides me with all the required support and systems to execute my job safely and to my best ability. We are here as one big family working to bring Nakilat to greater heights.”

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