Employee Experience

  • Amna Al-Mulla 

    Finance Department

    The well-structured development plan, support and constructive feedback has not only deepened my interest in the finance field but also, enabled me to grow as a professional.

  • Bader Al Bader

    Commercial Department

    I am pleased that this program empowers young nationals to develop ourselves for future leadership roles in the maritime industry. My role has enabled me to gain insights on how to conduct business and maintain business relationships with current and prospective customers to ensure Nakilat’s continuous growth.

  • Mohammed Al Jaber

    Fleet Department

    As a marine personnel developee, I have gained tremendous insights into Nakilat’s various business functions and honed my interpersonal skills through active engagement with our seafarers. This holistic program has accelerated by professional development and enabled me to gain new skills that will greatly contribute to my future.

  • Naeyf Al Mahmoud

    Information Technology

    My mentors empower me to use my passion and creativity for highly-advanced IT systems to improve process efficiencies throughout the company. I am proud to be given this opportunity to drive change within the company at such an early stage in my career!