National Development Program

The National Development Program (NDP) is an intensive and in-depth training program for university graduates who join Nakilat as ‘Developees’. Each Developee is provided with a comprehensive Individual Development Plan (IDP), structured into distinct development phases, preparing them to take up a pre-defined target role. Our IDPs are results-oriented, with a focus on quality and performance, which allows some Developees to complete their IDPs at an accelerated manner, depending on their learning and development pace.

During the program, each Developee is assigned to a ‘home’ department that is responsible for providing relevant on-the-job learning opportunities, as well as ongoing coaching and mentoring. The coach and mentor also provide performance-based feedback and ratings to the Developee so that he/she understands in which areas they are performing well and areas that require further development. Comprehensive and extensive training courses and development programs are provided to Developees, ensuring that their development is always supported towards their target role.

Our Learning and Development function ensures the quality of this rigorous program through benchmarking with local and global graduate development program’s best practices, allowing us to offer a meaningful value proposition to graduates.The monitoring and evaluation of all Coaches and Mentors is a continuous process to ensure exposure to work-based experiential learning is managed correctly and appropriately.

The Nakilat Difference

We don’t just offer a job, we offer an opportunity to grow your career. Join our team of passionate individuals onshore or at sea.