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Head of Operations 1

Job Requisition No.:  21205
Category:  Shore-Based

Reporting structure

Reports To Operations Manager

Direct Reportees: 
•    Marine Operations Superintendent
•    Marine Officer  

Job Summary and Purpose

•    Ensure that the Fleet is managed safely, efficiently, in a professional manner to standards and costs that are in line with the industry best practices. 

•    Oversee and monitor the overall operational management being provided by third parties.



Key Accountabilities:


1.    Establish and continuously monitor operational standards of ships to ensure delivery of continuous, efficient and safe service to the customer.
2.    Provide marine operational expertise and advice with regards to operational matters. Assist with the assessment of operational risks and mitigations.
3.    Provide guidance and conduct port and terminal due diligence to ensure safe and efficient operations.
4.    Monitors / Ensure high standard day to day marine operational activities of LNG, LPG, FSRU and any chartered in vessels.
5.    Identify sub-standard operational performance and evaluate alternative methods, systems and contractors to use in place of the obsolete systems.

Cargo Management and compliance: 
6.    Ensure that the vessels are operated in a manner which is safe, reliable and economical meeting the highest industry standards. This shall ensure efficiency in cargo management.
7.    Drive compliance with international, Flag State, legal requirements and all company policies related to shipping operations, safety of navigation and Marine personnel at all times. Oversee/ensure complete compliance with port / terminals requirements, oil / gas majors and ship vetting systems.
8.    Ensure that the trading certification of vessels are valid and avoid failure due to non-compliance.
9.    Monitor performance of the vessels against charter parties to ensure commercial interests of owners are protected. Prepare defense for performance and off hire claims.
10.    Monitor LNG bespoke developed emergency STS transfer with the third-party service provider in conjunction with the charterers to be able to deploy promptly if required. 
11.    Visit ships as required and instructed by the Operations Manager. Develop reports on the upkeep, operational standards, and effective management of vessels.
12.    Monitors and ensure ship-shore loading efficiency, passage performance, ship performance, and cargo management are done efficiently.
13.    Ensure terminal compatibility and assurance process completed safely and timely. Ensure compliance with port / terminals requirements, ship vetting systems (oil / gas majors) at all times.

Vetting of Vessels:
14.    Ensure that vessels in the fleet are vetted successfully by arranging timely SIRE inspections, giving prompt responses to any observations raised, initiate remedial actions and identify and mitigate gaps in policies and procedures.
15.    Manage the entry of details from the VPQ into the SIRE system as well as maintain the relevant vessels particulars data not limited to TMSA and Q88 records.

Accountabilities - 2

Audits and Ship Inspections:
16.    Conduct ship inspections on a regular basis to ensure effective ship management during calls to Ras Laffan or sailing visit. In these visits, he/she shall carry out internal audits not limited to navigational, galley and cargo audits.
17.    Conduct safety / security / environmental and other SHEQ internal audits as applicable.
18.    Supervise the close-out of audits and inspections of ships in coordination with the SHEQ Division.

Safety Management System:
19.    Maintain the Safety Management System (SMS) of the organization and consistently focus on improving the quality, efficiency of procedures and accuracy.
20.    Brief new senior officers before they join the vessels with regards to the Safety Management System, company policies, vessel operations and specific charterers’ requirements. 
21.    Supervise and carry out security duties as per ISPS code if requested by management.

Monitor Communication: 
22.    Confirm owned vessels managed by third party is operated efficiently in line with Master Service agreement, Owners instructions, charterer’s instruction and TCP. 

Voyage Planning:
23.    Supervise the voyage planning and performance process for the vessels managed by NSQL to ensure compliance with the requirements of the charterer. Help the organization to avoid performance related claims and provide support in challenging the claims in case they are raised.

Terminal Approval:
24.    Participate actively.  ship shore interface and compatibly studies Liaise with all related parties such as agents, charterers and terminals and provide all relevant information for the Master to assess the suitability of the berth. 
25.    Carry out in-house mooring analysis Studies.

Incident investigations and Risk Assessment:
26.    Lead investigations into incidents that occurred and ensure that incidents are successfully closed out in a timely manner in coordination with the SHEQ Division.
27.    Conduct safety risk assessment and environmental impact assessment for vessel operations in line with Maritime standard / best industry practice. 

Accountabilities - 3

Emergency Response Plan:    
28.    Perform duties and functions as per the Emergency Response Plan and as directed by the Incident Commander.
Staff Related Functions:
29.    Works with Head of Technical and/or Head of Marine Personnel on matters concerning suitability of personnel for promotion, possible secondment or career development and undertake assessments of candidates for promotion.
30.     Supervises ship staff conduct, performance and development and works with Head of Marine Personnel.
31.    Assist MPD in recruiting process for the sea going staff by participating in new entry staff interviews.
32.    Contribute to the development of the of Qatari employees. 

33.    Provides an effective working link on a day-to-day basis between NSQL Management and ship’s staff. Also provides the necessary marine supervision and improvements on all shipping matter as required. Ensures the effective implementation of quality improvement projects and enhance business processes associated with operational issues on board and ashore. Undertakes ships’ visits as determined by Operations Manager.

Generic Accountabilities:

Quality, Health, Safety, & Environment (QHSE):
34.    Adhere to all relevant SHEQ policies, procedures, instructions and controls so that NAKILAT provides a safe, world class, secure and environmentally responsible service to customers and the public.

Policies, Systems, Processes & Procedures:
35.    Implement approved policies, processes and procedures, and provide instructions vessels to ensure their proper implementation.

36.    Assists Operations Manager in all operational activities and interlinks with technical to resolve operational and marine matters. Perform any other related duties as instructed by the Operations Manager.
37.    Supervises the activities of the Operations Superintendents, including training and reports to the Operations Manager. Manage his own managed Fleet on all matters relating to the Marine Operations.
38.    Act as an intermediary between the charterers and STASCO when there is a need to protect the interests of the organization and optimize costs wherever necessary.
39.    Ensure that the reputation of the organization is safeguarded. The person in this position shall take responsibility to ensure that the organization faces minimum amount of exposure to environmental pollution.
40.    Recognizes Sub-standard operation performance and initiate an investigation to evaluate alternative system, equipment, contractors and methods for beneficial use in place of obsolete unreliable or less efficient systems or equipment on equipment or company operated ships.
41.    Explore potential optimization opportunities and lead their implementation. 
42.    Act as a representative of the organization in industry specific meetings.
43.    Perform any other related duties as instructed by the direct supervisor.

Accountabilities - 4


Maintenance Management - Beginner
Technical & Engineering Solutions - Beginner
Strategic Fleet Management - Specialist
Projects Management - Specialist
Crew Management & Logistics - Practitioner
Marine Operations - Specialist
Voyage Planning & Performance - Specialist
Port Operations - Specialist
Cargo Management - Specialist
Regulatory Knowledge - Specialist
HSSEQ and Security Management - Specialist
Drive Vision - Advanced
Collaboration & Team Work - Advanced
Customer Centricity - Advanced
Achievement Oriented - Advanced
Interactive Communication - Advanced
Empower & Nurture Talent - Advanced
Solution Oriented - Advanced
Emergency and Media Response - Specialist

Key Result Areas

•    Degree of compliance and number of issues of related to compliance
•    Vetting of vessels
•    Audits conducted and successful implementation of suggestions
•    Successful incident investigations conducted, and number of similar future incidents prevented.

Interactions and Working Relations

•    SHEQ
•    Supply
•    Legal
•    IT
•    Finance
•    MPD
•    HR    
•    QatarEnergy LNG, STASCO, RLC, Shell, Exxon Mobil, and other charterers.
•    Oil majors- As charterers and SIRE inspecting companies.
•    LNG/LPG terminals across the world across the world as part of ship shore compatibility process.
•    Flag State (Marshal Islands).
•    Vessel class societies.
•    Various port state agencies.
•    Various service providers and ship equipment makers.
•     Industry bodies like SIGTTO, OCIMF, INTERTANKO, IMO, etc.

Financial Authorities

Not Applicable

Qualifications, Experience and Job Skills


•    Degree in Nautical Science or any other related field
•    Master Mariner Certificate of competence and all associated courses with this competence certification.


•    A minimum of 12 years’ experience including 3 years’ as Master on LNG/LPG. At least 4 years’ in a head office management position of a large gas/oil shipping company. Prior shore base experience in similar role for at least 2 years or Marine Operational Supt experience for at least 8 year managing LNG/LPG vessels.
Experience of working with personnel from different cultures (ship owners and ship crews)
Job Specific Skills:
•    Fully conversant with international and national statutory requirements of the Maritime industry (SOLAS, ISM, MARPOL, ISPS, SOPEP, ISOs)
•    Training and knowledge of emergency response procedures, ship vetting, ship inspection is essential.
•    Auditing skills- Lead ISO, ISM, ISPS auditor
•    Computer literate- Microsoft suite of products

Head of Operations 1

Department:  Operations
City:  1101

Job Segment: Operations Manager, QA, Quality Assurance, Inspector, Operations, Quality, Technology

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