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Voyage Performance Analyst

Job Requisition No.:  18260
Category:  Shore-Based

Reporting structure

Reports To:

Operations Manager

Direct Reportees:




Job Summary and Purpose

Administers and ensure voyage compliance of company’s fleet with the commercial and shipping structure. Review, analyze and research fleet performance to ensure that it is in compliance with contractual, financial and legal obligations. 


Key Accountabilities:

1.    Stay up-to-date with all the international and national legislative requirements as well as company regulations as much as possible. The international and national statutory requirements should include knowledge of MARPOL, ISM, SOPEP, SOLAS and ISPS as well as the quality systems of the company.
Vessel Performance: 
2.    Ensure that there is continuous improvement in the level of vessel performance. For this purpose, the Voyage Performance Analyst can conduct data analysis. He/she shall bring out specific cases of poor performance, non-compliance and non-conformance. Necessary steps can then be taken to reduce and avoid potential claims. 

Voyage Planning:
3.    Plan voyages and coordinate with all the vessels. The Voyage Performance Analyst shall measure and manage the effectiveness of the Company fleet with the tools provided to him/her.

Contract Review:
4.    Review, interpret and provide advice on new and already existing charter party contracts and clauses to protect the interest of the fleet owners. The person in this position shall also participate in developing charter party fuel oil consumption tables for LPG and LNG vessels.

Report Generation:
5.    Generate weekly, monthly and quarterly reports which enable the staff of the fleet to review the performance of each ship and conduct trend analysis & estimate costs for the vessels. 

Off-hire and Performance Claims:
6.    Negotiate and refute off-hire and performance claims of the charterers in coordination with the Fleet and Legal Divisions. The Voyage Performance Analyst shall also notify the management of the organization, the Legal Division and the Insurance department in case of breach in the terms of the contract.
Generic Accountabilities:

Quality, Health, Safety, & Environment (QHSE):
7.    Adhere to all relevant QHSE policies, procedures, instructions and controls so that NAKILAT provides a safe, world class, secure and environmentally responsible service to customers, the public and its own people.

Policies, Systems, Processes & Procedures: 
8.    Follow all relevant departmental policies and procedures so that work is carried out in a controlled and consistent manner.

9.    Build and maintain healthy and effective relationships with brokers, charterers and agents. The incumbent shall also deal with local and international clients & contractors with regards to fleet operations and performance as and when it is necessary.
10.    Assess third party software and reports related to voyage application and analysis so that the same can be applied on the fleet.
11.    Review vessel performance against charter party requirements. 
12.    Carry out any other duties as directed by the immediate supervisor.

Accountabilities - 2

Accountabilities - 3

Accountabilities - 4


Cargo Management - Beginner
Port Operations - Practitioner
Emergency and Media Response - Beginner
Marine Operations - Practitioner
Regulatory Knowledge - Beginner
HSSEQ and Security Management - Beginner
Voyage Planning & Performance - Practitioner
Analytics and Reporting - Specialist
Chartering and Commercial Management - Specialist
Business Impact Analysis - Practitioner
Drive Vision - Intermediate
Collaboration & Team Work - Intermediate
Customer Centricity - Intermediate
Achievement Oriented - Intermediate
Interactive Communication - Intermediate
Empower & Nurture Talent - Intermediate
Solution Oriented - Intermediate

Key Result Areas

•    Ensure complete compliance with all national and international statutory requirements
•    Successfully negotiate off-hire and performance claims
•    Improvement in the performance of vessels

Interactions and Working Relations

Internal :
•    Technical- Exchange of technical information on ship related incidents and reports, vetting status etc.
•    Legal- Maritime Law consultation with regards to claims and TCP clauses
•    Commercial- LPG vessels performance evaluation and KPI management of the fleet
•    Finance- Off-hire and warranty performance claims status advisory
•    SHEQ- Ship reliability/availability and emission control index reporting
•    Fleet of vessels- Daily coordination with Ship Masters with regards to voyage execution and reporting

External :
•    Charterers- Hull cleaning approvals, voyage documentation, claims negotiation, letters of indemnities and charterers reporting requirements
•    Ship managers- Voyage monitoring, ship report, cargo document rectification and bunker barge vetting status verification
•    Agents- Agency appointments at various port calls
•    Contractors and service providers- Hull coating/paint manufacturers for hull paint performance and 3rd party IT integration & software evaluation

Financial Authorities

Not Applicable

Qualifications, Experience and Job Skills

•    University degree in Business/International Trade/Finance. Nautical Engineering Certificate of Competency (1st or 2nd class) with appropriate experience

•    3 to 6 years’ Post-Fixture/Voyage Analyst experience in shipping operations within an integrated Shipping/Oil/Gas company

Job Specific Skills:
•    Knowledge of charter parties, basic Maritime Law and Regulations, commercial shipping operations and cargo documentation
•    Compute proficiency in the use of databases and spreadsheets
•    Good understanding of various analytical tools and methodologies
•    Strong understanding of shipboard applications and ship management systems

Voyage Performance Analyst

Department:  Operations
City:  1101

Job Segment: QA, Quality Assurance, Engineer, Quality, Technology, Engineering

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