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Fleet Automation Superintendent

Job Requisition No.:  19562
Category:  Shore-Based

Reporting structure

Reports To:

Project Manager

Direct Reportees:




Job Summary and Purpose

Lead and provide technical support related to various Electrical & Automation projects and studies related to fleet in order to ensure efficient and reliable operations, as well as act as focal point to lead and manage automation on the FSRU Vessels and provide technical support and troubleshooting for fleet during repair periods.
In addition to the above, the role is responsible to initiate and complete various upgrade studies to fleet control systems. Also, keep the company up to speed with all emergent technologies and initiatives to optimize assets and efficiency of operations.


Key Accountabilities:

1.    Primarily, support FSRU Technical Superintendent to maintain high technical and operational standards for the vessels in order to meet the reliability benchmarks. 
2.    Support all other Technical Superintendent to maintain high technical and operational standards for the vessels in order to meet the reliability benchmarks. 
3.    Lead various Electric & Automation projects and studies related to fleet in order to improve quality and standards of vessels.
4.    Review when required policies and procedures related to Control & Automation Systems including the power management system and ensure sign off through MOC process.

Maintenance System:
5.    Monitor the system of planned maintenance while ensuring that the same is kept up-to-date and compliant to regulatory requirements. 
6.    Assist in the troubleshooting of Control & Automation Systems and conduct analysis pertaining to systems’ obsolescence and provide recommendations on replacement options.

Operational Support:
7.    Render timely expert advice in Control & Automation as well as assist in live troubleshooting with vessels in order to ensure reliable, safe and cost-efficient operations.
8.    Resolve all technical issues pertained to Power Management System, Controls and other Automation and propose solutions and recommendation for the same. Explore any improvement or modification required in vessels while also tracking their status for implementation. 
9.    Work with the fleet technical team to identify areas of poor reliability and efficiency
10.    Provide support and input into technical evaluations of new build tenders and future new build projects.
11.    Maintain focus on future legislation changes related to onboard control systems, which may have a direct impact on NSQL Fleet.
12.    Participate in experience sharing initiatives between various operators and NSQL to maximize value gained from these workshops.
13.    Carry out Asset Integrity Studies and upgradation initiatives for the fleet as required.

Regulatory Support:
14.    Ensure that vessels’ onboard Electrical & Control equipment comply with all regulatory requirements including class and flag as well as certificates and surveys being valid and up to date. 

Dry Docking:
15.    Support Fleet Superintendent, in developing and reviewing dry docking specifications related to Control & Automation and documentations. 
16.    Attend the FSRU dry docking and as may be required attend the other fleet dry dockings.

Relationship Management:
17.    Maintain interaction on issues related to Electrical & Automation projects and long-term obsolescence plan issues. 
18.    Guide supply and contracts division on entering into strategic contracts with key vendors and parallel agreements with third party managers.

Accountabilities - 2

Generic Accountabilities: 

Quality, Health, Safety, & Environment (QHSE):
19.    Adhere to all relevant QHSE policies, procedures, instructions and controls so that NAKILAT provides a safe, world class, secure and environmentally responsible service to customers, the public and its own people.

Policies, Systems, Processes & Procedures:
20.    Implement approved policies, processes and procedures, and provide instructions to subordinates to ensure their proper implementation.

21.    Carry out any other duties as directed by the immediate supervisor.

Accountabilities - 3

Accountabilities - 4


Achievement Oriented - Advanced
Customer Centricity - Advanced
Solution Oriented - Advanced
Interactive Communication - Advanced
Collaboration & Team Work - Advanced
Drive Vision - Advanced
Empower & Nurture Talent - Advanced
Marine Operations - Beginner
Voyage Planning & Performance - Beginner
Crew Management and Logistics - Beginner
Strategic Fleet Management - Beginner
Cargo Management - Practitioner
Port Operations - Practitioner
Emergency and Media Response - Practitioner
Regulatory Knowledge - Practitioner
HSSEQ and Security Management - Practitioner
Maintenance Management - Specialist
Technical & Engineering Solutions - Specialist
Projects Management - Specialist

Key Result Areas

•    Support in the achievement of industry-wide best standards in technical matters and ensure compliance.
•    Monitor system of planned maintenance with ensuring compliance to regulatory requirements & industry standards.
•    Render expert technical advice & troubleshooting for Electrical & Automation systems.
•    Deliver projects safely, on time and within budget to ensure that NSQL ship management maintained at high standards
•    Participate in risk assessment exercise proactively by conducting periodic safety & technical audits

Interactions and Working Relations

Frequent interactions with:
•    FSRU Tech Superintendent – for ship management
•    Tech Department – for ship management
•    Supply Department – for Fleet Projects related tenders and contracts
•    NAKILAT Commercial department – for ship management
•    HSSEQ – for safe ship management
•    Finance / IT / HR / PR – for related matters.
Frequent interactions with:
•    Ship staff – Troubleshooting and support
•    Service providers – for safe, reliable and efficient operations of vessel
•    OEMs – for safe, reliable and efficient operations of vessels.

Financial Authorities

As per the Table of Financial Authority (TOFA)

Qualifications, Experience and Job Skills

•    Experienced ETO with required Automation Knowledge, sailed as Senior ETO on board LNG vessels with recognized Integrated Automation Systems.
•    Electrical Engineering degree as minimum, preferably Instrumentation/Automation engineering degree, or any other equivalent/relevant engineering degree.
•    For ETO - Minimum 8-12 years’ overall experience, with a minimum 2 years' experience as Senior ETO on board large LNG vessels.
•    For Instrumentation Engineers - Minimum 5 years' experience of managing troubleshooting and support activities on LNG vessels, preferably with sailing experience.
Job Specific Skills:
•    Project management, electrical & Automation engineering, in service trouble shooting and remote support.
•    Excellent communication skills both oral and written
•    Ability to conduct accident investigations, root cause analysis with recommendations and provide comprehensive reports
•    Knowledge of Power Management Systems, Instrumentation and Integrated Automation Systems on Large Gas Carriers owned and managed.
•    Computer literacy as well as the industry required programs and software.
•    Up-to-date knowledge of Shipping Industry as well as international and local marine rules and regulations

Fleet Automation Superintendent


Job Segment: QA, Quality Assurance, Instrumentation, Electrical, Electrical Engineering, Quality, Technology, Engineering

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