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Head of HR (NKOM)

Job Requisition No.:  19403
Category:  Shipyard

Reporting structure

Reports To:

Human Resources Manager

Direct Reports:

Employee Relation Specialist
Policy & OD Specialist

Job Summary and Purpose

Responsible for managing and implementing the following in NAKILAT’s Joint Venture companies:
a.    Organizational Design through managing the development and implementation of the organization development and classifications policies and procedures, in terms of establishing, managing and administering organization design, manpower planning and employee engagement.
b.    Employee Relations through managing the development and implementation of the employee relations policies and procedures, in terms of establishing, managing and administering multi-tiered approaches of delivering HR services in policy governance, employee services, grievances and disciplinary and separation processes. 


Key Accountabilities:

Planning and Management
1.    Partake in the leading the manpower optimization initiatives and in identifying strategies for optimal utilization of the workforce to achieve more efficient structures and more cost efficiency.
2.    Develop and deliver a robust employee relations and engagement strategy which is aligned to the people priorities, looking beyond today and into the future.
3.    Continually monitor, maintain, and update employee relations and recruitment policies and procedures, and stay abreast of legal issues relating to employment and employees and propose best practices for all HR policies and procedures in NAKILAT’s Joint Venture companies.

Organization Design 
4.    Design and maintain the rules and principles for the organizational structure creation, such as type of structure, span of control, unity of command, and specialization.
5.    Manage, review, and update the organizational structuring and the roles and responsibilities design, and conduct periodic reviews to ensure the structures are fit for purposes for NAKILAT’s Joint Venture companies.
6.    Advise management on change and organizational development requirements in order to meet the business objectives of NAKILAT’s Joint Venture companies based on clear analysis and benchmarks with other leading companies. 

Job Families & Competency framework
7.    Design and update job families for NAKILAT’s Joint Venture companies.
8.    Design & manage competency frameworks and matrices, including technical, core and leadership competencies to be utilized for the learning and development different initiatives for NAKILAT’s Joint Venture companies. 

Manpower Plan and Budget
9.    Manage all manpower planning and budgeting processes in coordination with the different divisions/departments for NAKILAT’s Joint Venture companies.
10.    Monitor, control manpower budget implementation and ensure compliance with organizational and financial plan in NAKILAT’s Joint Venture companies.
11.    Carry out workload analysis exercises to ensure manpower needs are addressed properly for NAKILAT’s Joint Venture companies. 
12.    Collaborate and advise the HR Shared Services Section - Recruitment Unit with regards to implementing the manpower plan and identifying the starting salaries and most appropriate packages for the new hires.

Employee Engagement
13.    Conduct employees’ engagement and satisfaction surveys and analyze related results to set recommendations in order to enhance engagement and satisfaction in NAKILAT’s Joint Venture companies.

HR Policies & Procedures
14.    Maintain & ensure local and global benchmark exercises are in place  to establish the most fit for purpose policies and procedures and to ensure they are competitive and abreast of the changes in trends.
15.    Coordinate the development and update of NAKILAT’s Joint Venture companies’ HR policies and procedures in coordination with the different HR sections and ensure their implementation.

Accountabilities - 2

Employee Relations
16.    Manage all employment contracts by monitoring company payroll, approving eligible allowances, benefits, and ensures compliance with Qatar Labor Law and any governmental legal requirement for NAKILAT’s Joint Venture companies.
17.    Advise management in NAKILAT’s Joint Venture companies on the employee relations policies and procedures and any related matters.  
18.    Ensure consistent application of NAKILAT’s Joint Venture companies’ policies and procedures in guiding/consulting and reviewing complex employee relations concerns.
19.    Provide support to management in NAKILAT’s Joint Venture companies on employees’ coaching and counseling, progressive discipline, investigations and exits related formalities, code of conduct and policy violations; partner with management to handle performance counseling, attendance counseling, policy violation and conduct related cases, including disciplinary recommendations.
20.    Formally respond to concerns and allegations by conducting internal investigations into allegations of misconduct, poor performance, working conditions, violations of NAKILAT’s Joint Venture companies’ internal policies and employees’ appeals and grievances; and provide guidance and recommendations for resolution by coaching and guiding managers and employees on compliance concerns, performance management, and investigation processes/techniques. 
21.    Oversee all exit interviews and ensure seamless exit of employees and manage attrition analysis by analyzing exit interviews to identify route causes.

Work Hour Allocation
22.    Oversee the administration of Work Hour Allocation (WHA) and Labor Hour Allocation (LHA) in SAP as well as the planning, coordination, consolidation, verification, analysis, and maintenance of management reports and time keeping records, for each project in NAKILAT’s Joint Venture companies.

Generic Accountabilities:

Performance Management
23.    Manage section staff by overseeing their performance management, recruitment, training and development to ensure high levels of engagement and competence.  

Policies, Systems, Processes & Procedures
24.    Implement approved departmental policies, processes and procedures. 

25.    Carry out any other duties as directed by the immediate supervisor.

Accountabilities - 3

Accountabilities - 4


Achievement Oriented
Collaboration & Teamwork
Customer Centricity
Drive Vision
Empower & Nurture Talent
Interactive Communication
Solution Oriented

Key Result Areas

•    Develop and implement various Organizational Development initiatives.
•    Develop and update of HR policies and procedures in compliance with applicable regulations.
•    Conduct Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Surveys.
•    Manage employee relations processes across NAKILAT’s Joint Venture companies.
•    Ensure effective utilization of HR-ERP system.
•    Manage and monitor employees’ medical insurance processes.
•    Manage and administer all employment contracts.
•    Address employee queries on time and ensure their compliance with the applicable policies and procedures.
•    Manage and execute all the employee exit activities in a timely manner.

Interactions and Working Relations


Senior Management - to counsel and provide updates.

Departments - to provide advice and recommended HR solutions.

All Employees and functions (JVs) - to coordinate with employees for their related matters and provide guidance/advise on policy related issues.


External local and international service providers to obtain information of organization design and total rewards benchmarks and trends.

Supreme health and hospitals- to liaise on regular basis with organizations for ER related issues. 

Financial Authorities

As per TOFA

Qualifications, Experience and Job Skills

•    Bachelor’s degree in business studies, Business Administration, Human Resources or any other related filed. 
•    Master’s Degree preferred.
•    A certification in a relevant discipline from an accredited institution is a plus (e.g. CIPD, PHR, and SPHR)

•    8-10 years of related experience of which a minimum of 3 years in managerial position.
•    Previous experience in Shipyard industry and regional experience is preferred. 

Job Specific Competencies:

•    Drive Vision
•    Collaboration & Teamwork
•    Customer Centricity
•    Achievement Oriented
•    Interactive Communication
•    Empower & Nurture Talent
•    Solution Oriented

•    Knowledge of Learning and Development principles and best practices 
•    Knowledge of Microsoft Office  
•    HR Strategic Management 
•    Workforce Planning 
•    Organizational Design
•    Job Profiling
•    Employee Services
•    HR Policies and Procedures

Head of HR (NKOM)

Department:  Human Resources

Job Segment: Employee Relations, HR, QA, Quality Assurance, Performance Management, Human Resources, Quality, Technology

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