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Job Requisition No.:  19405
Category:  Shipyard

Reporting structure

Reports To    Manager Shipwright
Direct Reports    Asst Dock Master/ Foreman

Job Summary and Purpose

Assist Department manager in overall operations of the marine manoeuver function ensuring the vessels are manoeuvred and berthed within Safety, Quality and budgetary targets.


Key Accountabilities:
1.    Management of the day-to-day operations of the marine  function to ensure that work processes are implemented as required complying relevant procedures. 
2.    Ensure vessels move safely in and out of the port facility and responsible for the safe and efficient running of the port. 
3.    Review the scope of works and establish production objectives, standards and docking schedules to ensure timely delivery of all the projects undertaken.
4.    Assistance to the master of vessels during the passage of vessels in and out of docks and providing local knowledge of navigational and operational matters combined with Ship-Handling.
5.    Dry docking of vessels, the conditions and the requirements, stability, and all other issues related to safe docking and undocking of vessels.
6.    Use of multi tugs for complex towing operations as well as manual handling of vessels in restricted waters. 
7.    Dry Docking, anchoring and use of multiple tugs for complex towing operations as well be able to manually handle vessels on conventional mode in restricted waters, close quarters to other vessels and fixed structures.
8.    To ensure the vessel movements are carefully planned, closely monitored and safely executed8
9.    Oversee the marine section manpower, equipments and various other resource requirements and ensure optimum use of the same by ensuring cost control is exercised.
10.    Identify talent and engage them to drive continual improvement efforts and training of staff.
11.    Ensure that all activities are captured for billing purposes .
12.    Ensure all reports are prepared and reported  to management
13.    Ensure compliance to all relevant safety, quality and environmental management policies, procedures and controls across the section in order to guarantee employee safety, legislative compliance and a responsible environmental attitude.

Accountabilities - 2

Accountabilities - 3

Accountabilities - 4


Drive Vision
Interactive Communication
Customer Centricity
Solution Oriented
Empower & Nurture Talent
Collaboration & Teamwork
Achievement Oriented

Key Result Areas

Interactions and Working Relations

•    Shipwright Section
•    All Sections in NKOM
•    To engage Team towards Safety, Health, Environment , Quality &Security
•     Compliance to SHEQS Requirements with in the Team
•    To Ensure  the completion of Assigned works to Department
•    Clients / Vessel owners / masters
•    Sub Contractors 
•    Service Engineers
•    Port authourities
•    To Plan safe docking operations
•     Highlight the client/Sub contractor/ Service Engineer Requirements to Section Engineers

Financial Authorities

•    As per TOFA.
•    Man hours / materials budgets to be in line with the business plan and achieve optimum usage of the same.

Qualifications, Experience and Job Skills

•    Be able to handle tugs of various propulsion and be a certified Marine Pilot.
•    Master Class 1 Certificate of Competency & Proficient in ISGOTT procedures, MARPOL and SOLAS convention.

•    8 to 10 years working experience in Ship Yard or Port as Pilot / Dock Master.
•    Working experience in Docking / Undocking vessels. 
Job Specific Competencies:

•    Proficient in ship handling, precision pilotage, mooring / unmooring of different types of ships.
•    Must have sailed on ocean going vessels in the capacity of a Master.
•    Experienced in Stress and Stability calculations, ballast control for docking operations.


Department:  Operations

Job Segment: Facilities, QA, Quality Assurance, Operations, Quality, Technology

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