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Production Engineer (Steel Works)

Job Requisition No.:  18288
Category:  Shipyard

Reporting structure

Reports To    Manager
Direct Reports    Supervisor

Job Summary and Purpose

The Production Engineer provides the technical & technological problem-solving ability of production engineering process and planning abilities in order to lead work teams and control production process for. Executing work to a high quality & auditable standard that is consistent with contract work scope, statutory & code requirements, Integrated Management System (IMS) procedures, design parameters, site survey input, Welding Procedure Specification (WPS), stress inputs and vendor data. This job, and subordinates, perform repair, installation, & modification activities.


Key Accountabilities:
1.    Multi-Skilled for all types of welding to ensure that work can be executed to plan
2.    Train and qualify the welders, through On Job Training (OJT), to ensure high standards and business continuity.
3.    Responsible for welding equipment's, and consumables.
4.    Distributes welding equipment for vessel or projects as per the requirements.
5.    Apply a wide knowledge of engineering practices to resolving management challenges related to production to accomplish the production process in the most effective, efficient and most-economic way. 
6.    Ensure the integrity of the welding and cutting activities
7.    Responsible to scale and integrate physical, human and financial resources at meet high efficiency levels at the lowest possible cost & in pursuit of continuous further improvement. Monitor the daily manpower/manhour consumption for the projects and report to manager. 
8.    Monitor the daily manhour consumption for the projects and update to section manager for any discrepancy. Plan and allocate the manpower as per the vessel work scope. 
9.    Closely monitor the daily manpower allocation (WHA). Addresses additional manpower requirements to the section manager to allocate additional manhours needed. Ensure completion of the project within the agreed timeframe and manhours allocated.

Accountabilities - 2

10.    Closely monitor the section workforce movement for vacation employees, Validating Ras Laffan Industrial City, Qatar ID passes. Monitoring daily food requests prior to submission for approval. 
11.    Raise Subcontractor Request for subcon manpower if required. Collect the project /vessel specs from the commercial department and assist Piping Manager to assign the piping engineer for the project. Allocate the manpower for the vessels as per the project work scope. 
12.    Study blueprints, sketches, drawings, manuals, specifications, or sample part to determine dimensions and tolerances of finished work, sequence of operations, and setup requirements.
13.    Review the section Work Instructions (WI), Risk Assessment (RA) to cover all the piping activities. Closely follow-up the project in charges for the vessel documentation (SI/Technical Query Report/Work Completion Form/Lesson learnt & Project Post Mortem) after completion of vessels.
14.    Foster an engaging culture of safe and productive work through role modelling N-KOM's values.
15.    Prepare fit for purpose work Permits & Risk Assessments for the identification, control and/or mitigation of workplace risk.
16.    Review and update the section Risk Assessments/Environmental Aspects & Impacts as per the latest safe practice and get approval from piping manager.
17.    Apply mathematics and statistics to model production systems during decision making process.
18.    Design, implement and refine products, services, processes and systems taking in consideration any constraints and local nuances whether supplier, buyer, substitutes, or new emerging information.
19.    Apply appropriate knowledge in order to design, redesign or improve product & service functionality. Drive and implement process improvements to reduce assembly hours and build cost.
20.    Apply concepts and quality techniques throughout the entire production process & system and deploy organizational standards for control proceedings and auditing.
21.    Stay up-to-date with technological developments, enabling them to enterprises and society;
22.    Manage and optimize flow (information and production flow).

Accountabilities - 3

Accountabilities - 4


Drive Vision
Collaboration & Teamwork
Customer Centricity
Achievement Oriented
Interactive Communication
Empower & Nurture Talent
Solution Oriented

Key Result Areas

•    The delivery of best practice Engineering services for defined jobs within the work stream and as aligned with the yard strategy.
•    Fit for purpose engineering design and drawing work within minimal to no re-work.

Interactions and Working Relations

Internal: Section Management, Supervision, and Industrial Workers, All Operations Sections in NKOM, Operations - Project Managers

Purpose: To integrate and operationalize the Project Engineering and Project Management plans into Production Engineering plans, and as relevant for either Execution, Quality, Safety or Maintenance.

External: Clients, Sub-Contractors, Service Engineers, Surveyors

Purpose: To communicate and hold dialogue in regard to client specifications & requirements & provide progress reports.


Financial Authorities

As per TOFA.

Qualifications, Experience and Job Skills

•    A Degree in Naval Architecture/ Marine Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering or Certificate of Competency (Marine Engineer Officer) Class 1 (Motorship).
•    With at least 3 years of relevant work experience

Job Specific Competencies:
Technical Competencies (& other):

8.    Commitment to N-KOM Core Values
9.    Verbal and Written Communication Skills in English
10.    Supervisory Skills
11.    Computer Literacy (Microsoft Office/Excel/ PowerPoint)
12.    Leadership Skills
13.    Time Management Skills
14.    Analytical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills
15.    Change Management Skills
16.    Knowledge in Drawings, Fabrications Procedures and Practices
17.    Knowledge in Safety and Quality Standards
18.    Knowledge in Welding Standards, Processes and Procedures
19.    Knowledge in Materials
20.    Knowledge in Risk Assessment 
21.    Understanding of Manpower Allocation to meet the job requirements for various projects
22.    Project Management Skills

Production Engineer (Steel Works)

Department:  Operations
City:  Ras Laffan

Job Segment: QA, Quality Assurance, Surveyor, Project Manager, Project Engineer, Quality, Technology, Engineering

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