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Senior Purchasing Officer

Job Requisition No.:  18363
Category:  Shipyard

Reporting structure

Reports to: Head of Purchasing & Logistics

Job Summary and Purpose

This senior role requires strong partnership with all internal & external stakeholders in handling highly complex procurement tasks. The job has a focus on enabling & implementing strategy where it involves overall planning, developing & sourcing all procurement functions effectively, meeting all the operational, organizational, and departmental business objectives. This includes both day-to-day and procurement, and with an additional focus on longer term arrangements with suppliers to ensure any roadblocks are removed in regard to meeting the business needs on price, safe landing, quality & timeliness of procured materials and services. 
As a senior Subject Matter Expert (SME) with deep functional and technical expertise in each multi-engineering (i.e. electrical, mechanical etc.) domain in marine and offshore projects operational requirements, the position focuses on improving the way the purchases and inventories are managed in terms of value. Achieved through investigating the market with specifications and performance requirements of the material and services which accrues to the organization. Ensure that all purchasing activities are conducted in a fair and transparent manner for all stakeholders involved and in full compliance with the department’s policies and procedures to the best interest of organization and minimizes the commercial risks during the contract management process and procurement phase.


ey Accountabilities:
1.    Perform the material and services procurement process in accordance to the N-KOM’s business requirements in compliance to Company’s policies, department’s procedures and ethical standards to ensure the following:
a) Request for Qoutation (RFQ)/Tendering/ Request for Proposal (RFP) and sourcing process is fair, open and ethical with all Vendors and contractors with equal opportunities to all interested parties.
b) Review released purchase requests for accuracy of information including complete technical and operational description of items and services required, delivery lead time, allocated budget and proper required on site dates (ROS). Ensure corrections in coordination with the requestors if found discrepencies.
c) Ensuring materials meet the required standards & specifications and is fit for purpose for which it is intended for,
d) Material is purchased from the most competitive source based on the criteria of Quality (fit for purpose), Delivery (lead time) and Lowest Cost option. It is within budget to optimize the operation unit’s profitability.
e) Material and supporting documentation is delivered in accordance with the requirements of the Purchase Order and meets project schedule.
f) Purchase Orders contains complete information and is accurate as quoted and negotiated.
2.    Communication with internal interfaces include Engineering, Project Management Teams, Operations Group, QSA, Finance and Commercial.
3.    Preparation and presentation of Qaurterly KPI reports, daily orders progress, Outline Agreements and expediting reports, and all assignment status sheets to the Head of purchasing and P&SC Manager.
4.    Closely following-up with the logistics, warehouse, vendors, accounts and finance for the critical order payments settlements.
5.    Communication with External interface includes; Vendors, Sub vendor, contractors and clients as required.
6.    Ensure timely issue of Request for Qoutation (RFQs)/ Invitation to Tender (ITTs)/ Request for Proposal (RFPs) to correct vendors and contractors through system.
7.    Ensure timely receipt of vendor offers from all of them before or by the due date.
8.    Ensure technical offers are distributed to reviewers in a timely manner and reviewed as per the standards. 
9.    Ensure Engineering Technical queries are issued to vendors & replies received in a timely manner and passed on to reviewers and closed prior to issuance/delivery of the material and services to avoid any Over, Short, and Damaged (OS&D) of materials or rejection/non-conformances in performed services.
10.    Identifying the opportunities for execution of Service Level Agreements-SLAs over Lumpsum material and services contracts to get operational and commercial benefit to the Company.

Accountabilities - 2

11.    Ensure Commercial information is kept confidential and not released to persons outside of Procurement group and only to Project or Cost Control Managers in accordance to the policies.
12.    Generation of LTC strategy and getting advise from Head of Purchasing for the executions and presentation.
13.    Produce accurate Commercial Bid Evaluation (CBE) and ensure the team of purchasing officers, leads and purchasing coordinators are following all details accurately over the CBE before PO release.
14.    Create Purchase Order with all supporting documentation (CBE, valid quotations, proposals, TBE/technical datasheets, MSDS, catalogue, LTC approval, contract copy, etc.) as per requirements.
15.    Liaise with vendors on a planned basis for the purpose of keeping abreast of their capabilities, new products and interfacing with their management personnel.
16.    Identifying best opportunities and executing the maximum possible Call off Agreements, Annual price Freeze-out Agreements, and Long term/ bulk purchase agreements and contracts with the vendors and services providers for smart handling of inventory and regular purchased materials and services.
17.    Ensure all contracts are signed and required agreements are captured under SAP system as Outline agreement with the hard copy of signed contract been filed for records. 
18.    Coordination to the progress report meetings with the internal and external stakeholders, clients, operations, projects, vendors and contractors to ensure full customer satisfaction.
19.    Develop and maintain a commercially sound vendor base, continual survey of the market for new supply sources including non-traditional suppliers and assist in maintaining N-KOM’s “Approved Vendor List”. Evaluates and monitors vendor performance on a continual basis.
20.    Coordinate with vendor, QSA and HSSE for the vendor auditing arrangements and ensure the reports and database maintainance for the vendor audits and performance records.

Accountabilities - 3

21.    Place PO’s with selected vendors. Reviews and approves orders that are within approval TOFA limit. Provide ongoing Purchase Order administration including PO revisions, resolution of discrepancies, change orders etc., as required during the life of the order.
22.    Ensure the purchase orders deliveries and storage of chemicals and supplies schedules are under complaince to the regulations of RLIC and NKOM’s policy towards handling and Storage of Dangerous goods.
23.    Maintain Purchase Orders and contracts files for audit purpose in accordance with document controller at all times.
24.    Assist the expediting process.
a) Resolve commercial clarifications with vendors.
b) Advise Sourcing Group on any potential vendors interested in supply agreements.
c) Regularly exchange information on new products and sources, market trends and lessons learnt with other N-KOM Workgroups.
25.    Purchase Order Close Out in the SAP without remining any financial liabilties over company.
26.    Perform regular performance review with suppliers to drive continuous improvement.
27.    Performing daily accountability and progress updates sessions with each officer. And ensure using of Smartsheet for assigning daily targets and monitoring the progress.
28.    Providing technical support wherever and whenever required to the purchasing officers and coordinators during the procurement phase.
29.    Provide prices and terms negotiation support to the officers whenever required.
30.    Close-outs for the OS&D from the respective team and supervising the quality of material and services procured and doing efforts to enhance the quality by identifying new vendors and contractors.
31.    Ensure full compliance to the technical and functional requirements of materials and services procured and coordinating with the end user for any discrepancy resolution.
32.    Ensure the purchase order and contract award executed transparently and under due diligence policies compliance. 
33.    Ensure management and effective monitoring of all services contracts provisions throughout the contract period to ensure full compliance with contracts policies, laws, and T&Cs.
34.    Establish networks to enable performance benchmarking, monitor market trends and maintain currency in trends and developments in procurement

Accountabilities - 4


Achievement Oriented
Collaboration & Teamwork
Customer Centricity
Drive Vision
Empower & Nurture Talent
Interactive Communication
Solution Oriented

Key Result Areas

•    Purchasing activities associated with Corporate and Business functions are conducted in a fair and transparent manner for all parties involved and in full compliance with the policies and procedures of the organization. 
•     Improving the way the purchases and inventories are managed in terms of value which accrues to the Organization 
•    Minimizes the commercial and scheduling risks during the contract management process and procurement phase and ensure commercial benefits to the Company.

Interactions and Working Relations

Internal: With departmental head, Manager, all sections, departments and project teams

Purpose: collaboration towards procurement strategy, and decision making, provide procurement function advise and governance to the operations and Manager, Progress reporting,  meetings, Delivery updates, technical and commercial aspects, payments and invoicing, material status, Direct support service integrated with operations, material planning, change orders, design changes, scheduling, Report all progress and KPI status to the Head and Manager, discuss key matters and issues with the head and getting advise.    

External: Suppliers, Vendors, Contractors, Freight forwarders, Auditors, Clients

Purpose: Follow-up for material deliveries and arrangements, payments, material quality rejections, expediting, timely payments, change orders, market analysis, business opportunities, developing innovative procurement strategies and timely supply arrangements, Progress reporting, end-to-end orders expediting and follow-ups, providing decisions to the logistics and freight forwarders towards best deliveries. 

Financial Authorities

As per TOFA.

Qualifications, Experience and Job Skills


•    Accredited Bachelor’s Degree in Marine, Mechanical, Materials, Metallurgical, Industrial & Manufacturing, Electronics, Instrumentation Engineering
•    A professional Degree in the field of Business Administration, Supply Chain and coupled with commensurate experience is of supplemental consideration.


•    8 years relevant experience in Shipyard, or  Oil & Gas, or process industry within Supply Chain.

Job Specific Competencies:

ii. Technical
8.    Knowledge in Procurement & Supply Chain Operations
9.    Global sourcing skills
10.    Vendor and Contract Management
11.    Procurement skills
12.    Product knowledge 
13.    Knowledge of contract terms and conditions
14.    Thorough Knowledge of INCOTERMS (Shipping Terms & Responsibility)
15.    Commercial Negotiation Skills
16.    Familiarity with shipyard materials
17.    Knowledge of Shipyard Operations

Senior Purchasing Officer

Department:  Procurement & Supply Chain
City:  Ras Laffan

Job Segment: Pre-Sales, RFP, Logistics, Supply Chain, Offshore Oil, Sales, Operations, Energy

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