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Senior Officer - WHA/LHA

Job Requisition No.:  15001
Category:  Shipyard

Reporting structure

Reports To  

 Employee Relations Specialist

Direct Reports




Job Summary and Purpose

The purpose of this role is to manage and administer data entry of Work Hour Allocation (WHA) and Labor Hour Allocation (LHA) in SAP in addition to plan, coordinate, consolidate, verify, analyze, and maintain management reports and time keeping records, for each Project.


Key Accountabilities:
Work Hour Allocation (WHA) & Labor Hour Allocation (LHA)
1.    Conduct daily, independent Reconciliation & Verification checks on the integrity of data entered by the respective Production Sections and Operation-support sections in SAP for N-KOM staff:
•    Work Hours Allocation (WHA) actual timings
•    Timesheet adjustments including uploading of Shift for Night shift employees in SAP
•    Section Manager's Approved WHA Manpower/Manhours Excel versus SAP records 
•    Preapproval of Overtime by respective Section Managers  
•    Medical Reports, Training Reports, Anchorage duty, etc.
•    Basic hours, Overtime and Undertime calculation
•    Discrepancies between WHA and PA 30 records in SAP
2.    Reconcile Special Duty Allowance Forms from various Production Sections when they are submitted, against the respective Sections actual WHA data. After verification, submit consolidated Special duty allowance monthly report.
3.    Prepare final Timesheet for Resignation/Termination/End of Contract Employees after conducting the following independent Reconciliation & Verification checks:
•    Section Manager's Approved WHA Manpower/Manhours Excel versus SAP records 
•    Preapproval of Overtime by respective Section Managers  
•    Medical Reports, Training Reports, Anchorage duty, etc.
•    Basic hours, Overtime and Undertime calculation
•    Discrepancies between WHA and PA 30 records in SAP
4.    Conduct daily reconciliation and verification checks on Labor Hour Allocation (LHA) after auto-posting in SAP to estimate Project-wise cost calculation on daily basis
5.    Perform manual LHA posting if issues are encountered with auto-posting system 
6.    Perform LHA reversal if there are updates to posted manhours
7.    Check LHA entries (regardless of auto/manual posting) & resolve any Budget Issues, Sub codes locked, Main codes locked & Reversal of Entries to ensure posting is made to WBS against budget sufficiency.
8.    Obtain requisite approval from PJM, Commercial, COO & Finance for unlocking of Project main code
9.    Check auto/manual & reversal LHA posting entries against WHA Manhours for respective Project man-hours
10.    Check posting of Man-hours in CJI3 versus WHA after posting is done to ensure the accuracy of Man-hours incurred
11.    Prepare & submit monthly Comparison report of WHA vs CJI3 to Finance.

Accountabilities - 2

Administration & Management of WHA/LHA
12.    Manage and administer data entry through understanding the data, the impact of each entry, difference between project timing, allocation, and cost impact, as well as SAP functionalities (data entry, but background processing and reconciliations).
13.    Manage and administer planning, coordination, consolidation, verification, analysis, production, and maintenance of a variety of management reports and time keeping records, for each Project, from the Operations departments and Operation-support departments.
14.    Verify preparation of various types of N-KOM/SUBCON Manpower and Man-hours reports for Projects and Overhead.
15.    Consolidate, verify, produce & analyze various Management Reports for each Project.
16.    Verify and align CJI3 Man-hours cost with WHA Man-hours cost for all Projects and Overheads before Finance month-end closing.
17.    Verify all Project-wise Man-hours reports, Payroll adjustments, Monthly KPI reports, Consolidated KPI reports.
18.    Verify and Process Workers and Supervisors Time Processing data for Payroll every month before Finance Payroll cut-off dates.   
19.    Submit N-KOM/SUBCON Man-hours reports on weekly basis.
20.    Prepare Project-wise Man-hours reports for Long Term Projects.
21.    Prepare Project wise/Section-wise man-hours report for the vessels.
22.    Prepare monthly Operation Sections Documentation Submission Report and Project Manpower Planning Allocation on Vessel Report. 
23.    To process Time Critical report for:
•    Employee Payroll - To HR/Finance, by 12th every month.
•    Project Man-hours reports - To Finance by 1st every month.
•    Man-hours/Manpower reports - To HSSE, weekly and by end of month.
•    Subcontractor Project/Section man-hours & manpower reports - To HSSE on monthly basis.
•    Man-hours inputs required for N-KOM report to QP for State Support on monthly basis.
24.    Daily processing and generating of PR created and pending PR List
25.    End of Project closing of all open PR that was created
26.    Prepare and provide data trending and analysis on request.
27.    Provide advice to Sections Focal Points on issues regarding Time Keeping procedures.
28.    Play a lead role in streamlining WHA/LHA Systems and processes through coordination with IT to develop scopes, conduct validations, testing and ensure maximum utilization of the system.
29.    Ensure compliance with health, safety, security and environment standards, policies, procedures, and work instructions.
30.    Comply with work standards and resolve all quality issues on a timely manner.
31.    Assist as a focal point to addressing any queries and/or any enhancement/changes/modification needed. 
32.    Coordinate with multiple data entry focal points and address any query, consolidated report generation and any deviation in data entry/payments.
33.    Perform any other assignments and responsibilities as assigned by Manager.

Accountabilities - 3


Achievement Oriented
Collaboration & Teamwork
Customer Centricity
Drive Vision
Empower & Nurture Talent
Interactive Communication
Solution Oriented

Key Result Areas

Timely, efficient, accurate and uninterrupted execution of process related to supporting the business in processing, validating, consolidating WHA, LHA and payroll data.

Interactions and Working Relations

Department Managers and Admin

Data Collection, validation, collation and reporting



Financial Authorities

As per TOFA.

Qualifications, Experience and Job Skills

•    Bachelor’s Degree or Diploma in Information Technology or Degree in Human Resources or Business Management/Administration or other relevant field in any discipline.


•    At least 3 years’ experience in the development of management reports and records management.
•    Ability to lead and manage a team

Job Specific Competencies


  •   Intermediate knowledge of HR Compensation and Benefits policy
  •     Basic knowledge of Qatar Labor Law
  •    Maintain the following records for audit and traceability purposes  Comparison of WHA versus LHA report 
  •     Final Timesheet for Resignation/Termination/End of Contract Employees
  •     Overseas duty overtime report
  •     Special duty allowance report 

•    Knowledge of SAP Processes 
•    Timekeeping, Time processing for Payroll and Manhours posting   

Senior Officer - WHA/LHA

Department:  Human Resources

Job Segment: ERP, Business Manager, SAP, Night, QA, Technology, Management, Operations, Quality